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Enhanced Outpatient

This is appropriate for clients that have completed an Inpatient program or an IOP program and need more support and treatment.  Clients work with a therapist, recovery coach, sponsor or mentor and Wellness Staff.  The treatment focuses on the integration of balance into daily recovery, sober living skills, addressing co-occurring concerns, managing other case management issues and integrating Wellness protocols such as Yoga, QiGong and Acupuncture. Clients continue developing sober support and a recovery community as well as 12-Step Integration and/or another form of Sober Support.


Outpatient treatment is appropriate for clients that have completed more extensive treatment or programs. Clients work with an individual therapist, a recovery coach and a sponsor in a 12-Step program or a mentor in a Sober Support program. Treatment integrates maintaining emotional and spiritual balance in sobriety through a variety of skills and readings including an emphasis on self-care. Work focuses on the integration of the basic building blocks of recovery with work on family of origin issues, relationships concerns, communication, emotional regulation, spiritual connection and wellness.

Clients in Enhanced and Outpatient programming complete a comprehensive assessment, trauma and relapse history and an autobiography to increase self-awareness and connection to intuition and wellness and to move forward in their lives with freedom from old patterns and a renewed sense of discovery and joy.


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